Why Digital Marketing Fails


There are several reasons why a good number of digital marketing campaigns fail, and we could write a book on the topic. In any event, we have found that 90% of digital marketing campaigns fail because the company doesn’t have a clearly defined marketing plan.

Here, we will briefly explore the top five reasons that the majority of digital marketing campaigns fail.

  1. Not having a digital marketing plan. Having a plan is the key to the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Think of it as your “digital roadmap” so that you can see where you are going with all this effort you’re putting into your brand and internet presence.  With a plan, you’re not just posting a bunch of pictures on your website without a strategy. If there is no mission, vision, purpose, or goal, behind your actions, then you’re just aimlessly creating digital marketing campaigns that are neither cohesive nor strategic. Without a strategy, there is no way to develop a  sales funnels and sales pipelines for your business.
  2. Not conducting any research.  While conducting research is a tedious task for most businesses, it is a necessary evil with undertaking digital marketing campaigns. Overall you can’t be competitive in the industry that you do not fully understand. Additionally, you must understand everything about your competitors. You should know what they do, how they do it, and how they communicate with their followers and clients online.
  3. Your website is useless. Frankly, your website sucks! Your website is not driving quality leads, or your website lacks the structure to convert quality leads into paying customers. Because you have not fully optimized your website, you don’t understand what keywords are needed to drive traffic to your website and rank higher in Google. Therefore, while your website is professionally designed and pretty to look at, it’s useless for your business.  
  4. Not distinguishing yourself from your competitors. You’re never going to get ahead in your digital marketing campaigns if you’re like everyone else. There are so many distractions online. As potential customers peruse the internet or social media, they are constantly flooded with advertising. A well-designed digital marketing campaign knows how to catch their attention. The easiest way to get prospective clients is distant to distinguish yourself from your competitors and show how you’re different and unique.
  5. You don’t understand modern software and social media. You (and your team) have no idea how modern software works to nurture client leads. Additionally, you have not thoroughly researched social media platforms to figure out which is the best to use for your business.

With this being said, there are 100 more reasons why digital marketing fails. However, fixing the mistakes mentioned above will get your next digital marketing campaign on the right track.

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