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I’m sure you don’t have to be told social media is taking over our lives. From Tik tok to facebook every platform has its place in today’s digital marketing landscape. The amount of platforms that exist and are popping up on a daily can make it hectic to keep up with. Thats where we come in, we take the stress out of social media management. We use our years of experience and research in specific platforms to choose which ones you should be on and to the contrary stay off of. 

For example, if your target audience skews younger we will optimize your content and strategy around instagram and platforms that skew younger. Where as if your audience tends to be older we will target and optimize our content towards facebook and other platforms that tend to attract an older audience. 

It’s important to know even if you aren’t going to use our service. That social media is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy in general. This means you need to have a clear vision and execute against that vision. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing. 




Why do I need a social media marketing service?

With social media sites popping up every day. You might find yourself wondering “what sites do I even need to be on?”. Well we take all the guesswork out of social media from years of experience and hundreds of hours of research. We know exactly what platforms you should be on and to the contrary which ones you should stay off of or avoid. 

Consistency is a major key to amassing a large following online. Here at One Source we know running a business is a full time job and sometimes small details like posting to social media accounts can be overlooked. This hurts your ranking and can ruin your organic reach. 

Why should I use your company?

Just like your a pro at running your business, we are pro’s at social media. Our experts here at One Source have spent hundreds of hours using trial and error to come up with the most effective social media marketing strategies. Our number one focus isn’t having a million followers or being a viral hit. Our number one focus is driving sales for you and increasing your bottom line. This is a key difference between us and our competitors. We don’t get lost in the weeds we know you are here because you want to grow you business and increase sales. So that’s what we focus on. 


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