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01. email & text message marketing

Even in the current digital times, Email marketing is still a surprisingly effective way to get in touch with your customers. According to one study, 90% of people check their email every day and I’m sure that number has increased since then! A $1 spent on email will bring you back around 40$ which amounts to free money if done right. Email should be able to generate 20% revenue for the brand when it’s executed correctly. 

OUr email and text message marketing solutions include:

One Source Branding & Media Offers: 

  • Email Marketing Copywriter
  • Email Marketing Designer
  • Email Marketing Developer

Manager and Coordinator
Regardless of the plan you choose, or how many subscribers you have, our expertise will be valuable. Our email coverage includes:

-Welcome series
-Abandoned cart emails  
-Browse abandoned emails to entice customers who may not be ready yet but are browsing your site anyway! 

This also helps increase sales by incentivizing them with a discount code when they convert for purchase!!! (This tactic has been shown in some cases to generate up to 10% more revenue!) Post-purchase communications can help ensure satisfaction and retention while an automated abandon flow will remind shoppers about their products!! With these tools at hand it’s easy as pie…or should we say cake? Sorry didn’t mean to send that

Text Messages Sent
Emails Sent
Email Subscribers Under Management

How can SMS and Email Marketing Help My Business?

Email and text marketing both have there places in today’s digital marketing landscape. We usually audit your business and make a decision on what strategy fits your business the best. For example if your customer age demographic skew older it makes more sense to focus on email marketing and the same is true with the inverse. 

Email marketing is an often overlooked extremely powerful marketing tool. It is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. There are multiple ways we can build your email marketing database. We usually choose between inline, popup, and fly in pop up CTA’s. This gives us the ability to really tailor the experience and optimize the sign up process resulting in more people signing up to your mailing list. 

Text message marketing is one of the newest and most underutilized digital marketing strategy. We like to let customers choose which source they prefer which creates a more organic experience and increases open rates. 


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Text message marketing

Texting is one of the best ways to market your business. Text messages are opened 98% of the time and have higher open rates than any other channel out there, so they should be on every entrepreneur’s radar!

What is Text Message / SMS Marketing? 

SMS Marketing is a great way to advertise your product or service. You can send personalized messages, and you’ll be able to reach more people than ever before!

How Text Message / SMS Marketing

1) It’s Mobile Marketing: Cell phones are a part of everyday life for the vast majority of people. As such, SMS marketing can be an excellent form of mass communication between companies and their customers or potential clients. Unlike email that may not get opened in one’s inbox until days later, text messages are automatically seen by most phone owners every day – as many check their devices several times per hour! This makes it simple to measure exposure rates on different types of campaigns (such as which ones perform best) without having to wait long periods before results come back from tests done through other forms like direct mailers or advertisements.

Additionally, while these texts only cost a fraction of what they used to years ago; they’re still cheaper than any type of advertising campaign you might pursue.

2)It Engages You And The Audience-  It’s not just about sending out a text message, it’s about providing an experience that your customer will want to respond to. SMS marketing is more than just words and numbers on a screen – our content reflects the principles of social media engagement by showcasing engaging offers, polls or sweepstakes. What does this all mean? A little creativity can go miles in generating interest from customers who are willing opt-in for special discounts they won’t find elsewhere. 

3)It’s Trackable Information – SMS allows us to design campaigns for a variety of social media platforms and can use Facebook as one avenue. By developing leads and gathering subscribers from the campaign, these marketers have access to data that they might not otherwise know about their customers. They also get feedback in real-time!

Why Text Message/SMS Marketing Matters

1)It Has Better Open Rates Than Emails: Marketers can benefit from instantaneous delivery of individualized messages to hundreds of recipients. Since over 95% of consumers have cell phones; there is a higher response rate for texts than emails. Emails get buried in inboxes, taking days for a response but at the first ping, most receivers will check immediately and may subscribe on the spot if they find it engaging enough!

2)It’s Inexpensive And Easy To Set Up – SMS marketing can be as simple as setting up a free trial to see if there is compatibility with the overall campaign. There are online tools like Zapier that give you an easy way to automatically select and send out texts that will lead your customers in certain directions. You have the power of experimenting on different social media channels, trying them all until one delivers higher conversion rates than another!

SMS Marketing doesn’t rely on expensive testing processes; instead, it’s just about using a tool that enables marketers to experiment freely while still getting results for their company or business venture.