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How can SMS and Email Marketing Help My Business?

Email and text marketing both have there places in today’s digital marketing landscape. We usually audit your business and make a decision on what strategy fits your business the best. For example if your customer age demographic skew older it makes more sense to focus on email marketing and the same is true with the inverse. 

Email marketing is an often overlooked extremely powerful marketing tool. It is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. There are multiple ways we can build your email marketing database. We usually choose between inline, popup, and fly in pop up CTA’s. This gives us the ability to really tailor the experience and optimize the sign up process resulting in more people signing up to your mailing list. 

Text message marketing is one of the newest and most underutilized digital marketing strategy. We like to let customers choose which source they prefer which creates a more organic experience and increases open rates. 



Why does my business need to run text message and email marketing?

It’s a no brainer as to why your company needs to run text message and email marketing. You are reaching people right in there pocket. You are able to communicate with them on a device they will always have on their person. 

The standard email open rate when it comes to email marketing is 20%. Text message marketing has an average open rate of 98%. An average facebook post is seen by only 11% of your audience. This means text message and email marketing increase your reach to your existing audience by at least double. 

Why should I use your company?

Just like your a pro at running your business, we are pro’s at social media. Our experts here at One Source have spent hundreds of hours using trial and error to come up with the most effective social media marketing strategies. Our number one focus isn’t having a million followers or being a viral hit. Our number one focus is driving sales for you and increasing your bottom line. This is a key difference between us and our competitors. We don’t get lost in the weeds we know you are here because you want to grow you business and increase sales. So that’s what we focus on. 

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