E-commerce website design

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You’ve got a to-do list. You’ve got people to answer to. And you need to get things done. Done right. Done on time.

You’re here because you’re ready to take “business as usual” to the next level with a next-level eCommerce store design.

Too often, eCommerce web design companies build clunky sites that are slow with poor product images and messy product categories – things that keep you below the average conversion rate for your industry. These companies can be hard to work with, hard to reach, and may feel like they just don’t get what you’re asking for. Maybe you’ve experienced this and wondered, “Am I doing something wrong?”. (You’re not)


E-COmmerce Design

why your e-commerce website is important

In order to stand out, your website must be user-friendly, interesting, up to date with new information and consist of captivating visual elements that load quickly and seamlessly. Short attention spans mean customers will move along to a competitor if you cannot give them what they need when they need it. At Storm Brain, we provide you with user-tested and fully customized eCommerce designs that will enhance the reach of your business to your targeted audiences. We can provide everything you need in your eCommerce design and eCommerce web development, from the latest eCommerce platforms, shopping cart and secure payment gateways, through trusted payment services assuring 100% secure transactions.

As one of the top eCommerce marketing agencies in San Diego, Storm Brain’s team ensures that your site will drive traffic, create excitement, and bring you new business.

e-commerce website design

Whether you are a retailer, brand, manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, we can attract more online traffic and sales for you with a custom ecommerce website. Our services range from delivering SaaS based platforms to creating custom enterprise solutions. Below are some notable features our eCommerce clients receive and to the right are the platforms our developers are proficient in:

1. Modern, Beautiful Mobile Responsive Themes

2. Search Feature that handles Supplier, Product, or Brand Management requests

3. Multiple Views/Close-ups

4. Unlimited Categories/Options

5. Intuitive Storefront Editor for Quickly Adapting Themes

6. Ability to Handle Multiple Popular Languages & Currencies

7. Local Development Using Live Product Data (we are the only company to offer such a feature)

8. Built-in – Simultaneous Desktop and Mobile Previews

9. Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration

10. Flexible & customizable Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) deliverable